What’s it off of?

If you’ve ever been to our shop to have a hose made, you know that’s a standard question we ask. Mostly it’s to open up conversation with a customer, give them a chance to talk about how hard the hose was to get off, talk about their equipment and the kind of work they do, etc. But, really, we’re looking for clues. If they say it’s off of a New Holland tractor and it looks like regular pipe, we know to take a closer look because it’s going to be British pipe. If they say it’s off of a transmission, we know that the fitting that looks like regular JIC is actually #6 SAE threads. And if they say it’s off of a Farmtrac, we just start crying. Just Kidding, we make hoses for those, too. 😄We check the threads of all hoses that come through the door to ensure you’re getting the correct one, but that one question “What’s it off of?” points us in the right direction.

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